The Movement

The current, global, debt based, fiat monetary system used by virtually every country has several major flaws that are placing everyone in the world at risk. One of the main problems with using such a debt based system is that we have replaced previous scarce commodity based money with another commodity, which is imaginary debt. As a result of the illusion there is not enough money in circulation at any time to accommodate all of the users of money as the population expands. There is no permanent creation of new money that does not have to be repaid. Some of the negative spin-offs of this debt system include inadequate provision of government services, increased poverty, increased crime, draconian taxation, archaic global economic infrastructure and more frequent and unpredictable economic booms and busts. The U.S. and the other developed countries are not immune to the recent devaluations in currency values experienced by Russia in December of 2014.

There are further other dangerous problems manifesting as a result of using the debt based money system. In addition, buying commodities such as gold, stocks, bonds and BitCoins do not provide adequate protection against devaluations of currencies and also expose investors to other risks associated with speculation. A more detailed discussion and simple solutions to most of these problems are described in detail in the book Dot Money by Eric Majors. Mr. Majors offers some specific solutions to our economic woes, poverty and taxation. Mr. Majors solutions are based on the value of human beings, the will of the people of the world and generally accepted practices used by the stock markets. These solutions can be implemented by governments, corporations or by people, collectively or individually today and provide everyone with the economic stability that can help people to realize their true potential.

If you wish to support the simple concepts detailed in the book “Dot Money”, such as money with value based on human capital and standard stock market metrics, then join targeted the movements below to create positive change in the economies of the world.

A. Solutions by Citizens:

1. Click here to access & Pre-Register for the Dot Money Project (, which is being built and crowd funded to help provide a hedge against devaluations of the major global currencies. Dot Money is a new virtual currency that is being created with the assistance of individuals, business and government. It is based on BitCoin technology, but has an expanded behavior set. Its creation is governed by rules that target goals including: ending poverty, providing a minimum monthly stipend to all the people of the world, stabilizing the global economy and reducing the need for onerous taxation.

2. Click here to buy the book DOT MONEY, whose author, Eric Majors, is an activist that helps support the cause.

B. Encourage Solutions by Governments:
1. Click here to sign a petition to urge governments to support and work with the Dot Money Project.

2. Click here to sign a petition to urge the U.S. government to pass laws to change their monetary system from a debt based system to one based on human capital and stock market metrics as described in the book Dot Money.